evening, and all is quite
emptyness is in my mind.
i cannot see – i’m feeling blind
in the darkness of the night.

as i fall in silent slumber,
in my dreams the thoughts are free.
it’s the safety of my chamber
as i start to cross the sea.

hear the whisper of the waves,
swimming on, the stars above,
thinking of the sunken braves,
while seeking for the one i love.

long ago, where has she gone?
diving deep into the night,
all seems lost, no more light,
darkness leaves me then alone.

i drift on, but no more free
in the prison that i built,
caught there deep below the sea,
forever there with all my guilt.

a sudden roar cuts in my mind
a ray of light – no more blind,
i wake up on a new day
but where’s my dream?
it swept away.